Glider Day (Microblading Masterclass)

DEPOSIT: $710.00 USD

*Please note the deposit indicated is the total price of the course ($710).

What’s Included
 All hands-on education & model supplies
• Colour & pigment in the Skin
• How to work with Pigment Wheels
• Needles review
• Microblading review

•"Building Your Blade"
- Testing out each microblading hand tool and each needle type

• Technique & Needle Work: Eyebrow Practice Pads

 Complimentary Lunch & Virtual Meet and Greet with UK's KB Pro Glider Team!

• Brow Mapping and Consult With Client 
• Hands-on Model & Instruction 

Bring Your Own Model Special: 

They receive a FREE microblading procedure and you get an extra $50 back!

You’re a few clicks away from your next big career move!

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