A Life of Color

40 years ago, Pat fell for color. She started experimenting with her first pigments at home in her blender, and eventually opened a school in Toronto — one of the first dedicated to permanent makeup.

But if you've ever met Pat, you know her boundless energy and passion for this industry didn't stop there.

Now Pat is a leader in the industry — as an educator, speaker, manufacturer and veteran of the craft. When she isn’t working with her own clients, Pat is dedicated to teaching others at home in Canada and around the world. She directs the course curriculum in Toronto at the Micro-Pigmentation Centre academy. And her Color Through the Skin class has made its way across North America, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Her specialities include colour correction and natural enhancements for eyeliner, lipliner and blush shading. Pat also brings decades of experience to her procedures for 3D areola/nipple re-pigmentation, scalp hair density and hair follicle simulation, ombre, nano and powder hair strokes, as well as the fusion of these styles for eyebrows.

curls & heart

In the mid 70s, when entrepreneurship was seen as a much bigger risk than it is today, there was a young 17-year-old girl on the outskirts of Toronto with big curly hair and not a lot to her name, who dreamt of opening her own salon. A local salon that offered everything - literally every service you can imagine. They were grandiose dreams, and she knew it wouldn’t be easy. But with her parent's support, and an idea that was much ahead of its time, she was determined to give it her all and dive in.

The same entrepreneurial spirit still drives her business forward all these years later, with her original pigment line still at the frontlines of her humble beginnings.

first lady of pigment

Pat has been on a mission to fill the gap in the beauty industry for decades. From opening the first full-service salon in Toronto at just 19 years old, to launching the first accredited PMU school in Canada, to developing a fully inclusive and diverse line of over 80 pigments. Pat is an innovator at heart with an intense drive to bring integrity and quality to all her creative ideas.

She is a true natural on stage and has presented around the world, from across North America, Australia, Europe and beyond.

close to home

Pat’s happy place is at home, in her gardens or walking her fur babies on the nearby trails. We attribute her green thumb to her shared birthday with Earth Day, as well as her roots that have always been firmly planted in the countryside. Her children are the reason behind everything she does, which has led to a special meaning behind Chanco Beauty: a combination of their names - Chandler and Cole. When Pat isn’t running her business or flying around the world, she can be found in her backyard with a glass of wine and her family.

SPCP love

As a proud supporter, trainer-member, and former Board Member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, Pat has developed compliant curriculum that meets the ethical guidelines and standards of the SPCP. She has been a loyal supporter of the society since 1993 and has even opened her doors to the Canadian CPCP exam (as pictured here) for some of the country’s top artists and trainers - many who have graduated from our Fundamental Permanent Makeup programs!