Patricia Shibley

President & Academy Director

Passionate since 1991 about empowering women in business, Pat chooses to give endlessly of herself to both her children and her extended Chanco Family. She loves taking her expertise to the stage and playing in her color lab. One day we will find her opening a rescue sanctuary in the countryside for dogs.

Chandler Annette

Director of Brand and Marketing

Pat’s shadow, daughter and Chief Police of “keeping it on brand”, Chandler comes from a background in experiential design and tech. She officially joined the Micro Family in late 2018 and is passionate about Micro’s second act as a brand leader in the PMU industry and spearheading the launch of Chanco Beauty. She leads with her warm spirit, and cares deeply about the company’s culture and team. Her interests include ice cream in every season, DIY projects, and exploring how tech is breaking ground for different industries.

Omar Khawaja

Director of Operations

With a knack for overcoming technical challenges, Omar always has the answer. As a familiar face and voice for many years from Micro to Chanco, he is truly like family to the whole team and cares deeply for our local and international partners. He brings a robust skillset to customer service and operations, both behind the scenes and at the forefront of the company. No matter what season we’ve seen as a business, Omar has always been there. He will never turn you down for coffee, a burger, or a game of cricket.

Rheanna Bulger

Senior Product Marketing Specialist

Coming from a background in public relations, Rheanna brings a vibrant touch to Chanco’s product research, development and marketing strategies. Wearing many hats and always stepping to the plate on projects, she loves asking thoughtful questions, taking on new challenges and becoming a subject matter expert. No matter who walks through our door, she is always the first to welcome someone into our Chanco Family. She brings much diversity to her role, including her long-standing reign as the GTA’s queen of coupons!

Darwin Gauthier

Import/Export Manager

Fondly known and loved by the team as “The Dad of Chanco” and Pat’s husband, Darwin has been another staple throughout the company’s evolution since the early days of the company. Believing strongly in loyal and honourable business, he has seen many professional partnerships turn into longtime personal friendships. He always shows up to support the company’s next generation and initiatives (often accompanied by coffee and dad jokes) and he has a natural eye for presentation and detail. When he and Omar are not busy working closely together at our international relationships, they can be found planning their next UFC game night.

Paty Oliviera

Senior Multimedia Designer

Hailing from Brazil to our little corner of the GTA, you can always find Paty with her
camera in hand and a natural eye and energy for all things creative. Her curiosity for the world has led to many unique hobbies, interests and adventures. She loves being on the water in her kayak and always gives the best hugs. We are grateful for Paty’s humble spirit, vibrant heart, candid reactions, animated storytelling, and passion for keeping our efforts green and thoughtfully designed.

Sabrina Gomes

Account Manager & Client Support Specialist

With a passion for people and service, Sabrina brings soul to her work. She is always the first person to help others, to pitch in on a task outside her domain, or to sing along to the radio. Our whole team can always count on her to rise to the occassion - she never backs down from a new project or challenge. Sabrina is our resident cookie enthusiast, the helping hands behind all of our accounts, the friendly face behind our Micro-Pigments Panel, and the sweet voice you can find on Spotify with her very own single!

Cass Lloyd

Partner Concierge, Beauty R&D

An intense adoration for Halloween fostered Cass’s fascination with makeup – from beauty to spooky prosthetics - she loves it all! Having been a makeup artist for over 10 years, Cass went to CMU in Toronto specializing in bridal makeup, high fashion and even film and television. Cass’s genuine smile and optimistic attitude is contagious at the office. When she is not avidly reading and learning the latest beauty trends, she is a fabulous dog-mom, horror film enthusiast, visual artist, and roller skater!

Janelle Wilson

Junior Designer

Janelle is our resident illustrative genius! Her sweet spirit, empathy for others, and artistic energy made her an instant fit into our family. With ease and passion, she can take any abstract thought or idea and create stunning illustrations that hit you right in the heart. When she is not bringing her art to life here at Chanco Beauty or designing an array of our product labels and branding, she can be found painting or rollerblading around Toronto.

Micro Mascots

Mishu, Mogli, Shia, Leo

With varying degrees of seniority and body lengths, these furry supervisors are everyone’s favorite desk mates and welcoming committe. They understand the fine balance of work, play and snack breaks.