A woman in a pink blouse as a model subject while a hand points to an eyebrow chart next to her during a lesson

Complimentary Refresher Training


Sometimes life gets in the way or we need to regain our confidence. Micro-Method Training offers complimentary refresher training for up to 1 year after you graduate. This means you can drop in to any class* you’ve already taken to observe any procedures you feel needs support or technique refreshing. Observation forms and more details are available here.

*excludes live online training

Covid Extension Policy

We understand a lot of technicians were excited to break into the permanent makeup industry but were unfortunately set back by the challenges of the pandemic. To help our technicians succeed, we are extending our Complimentary Refresher Training policy to any of our students who were affected by Covid and business closures. Students who took courses with our academy from January 2019 to September 2021 will be able to register for complimentary refresher training until September 2022.

You’re a few clicks away from your next big business move!

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