Long & Lifted

Using petroleum jelly and coal dust, Eugène Rimmel invented the first commercially available mascara in 1872. Of course, this original formula has been written and re-written many times, but no matter the ingredients, women have been using mascara to lengthen and fill out their lashes for decades on decades.


Today, mascara is still overwhelmingly a makeup industry standard, however with the innovations in the lash community, lash lifting, and tinting is becoming more and more sought after as procedure that eliminates the need for daily mascara application.


Why are lash lifts and tints taking the place of mascara for many women wanting more prominent lashes? Lash lifts and tints offer women a longer lasting look and promotes the healthy growth of lashes! While mascara requires daily application and removal – the removal of which often results in women losing lashes as they harshly rub their eyes to remove the black coating. Lifts and tints mean never having to disturb your lash follicles with the wear and tear of makeup removal. Essentially, promoting the healthy growth of eyelashes!


Lash lifts are essentially a perm for the eyelashes, shaping them into the perfect open curl and holding them in place for up to 6-8 weeks! When you pair a lash lift with a lash tint (darkening the lashes) making them appear fuller and bolder, you have lash magic. Women are finding a plethora of benefits to choosing this lash procedure over others, from less upkeep to an extremely natural, fluttery appearance.



Chanco Beauty’s MicroLash Lift & Tint Kit incorporates our incredibly high-quality products and a very user-friendly 5-step system to achieve the perfect lift and tint!

  • Fastest perming & setting solutions in the industry (only 3-5 minutes each)
  • Bold, pre-mixed tint
  • Easy-to-follow bilingual instructions
  • Bonus eyelash brush for each client
  • 3 sizes of reusable MicroGuides
  • All applicators, brushes, tools
  • MicroGel Petals hydrate with Vitamin C and Aloe Vera
  • Ongoing support and service Partnership Tiers (Bulk Pricing) & Subscriptions available.


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Written by Chanco Beauty / Micro-Pigmentation Centre