Pearl Lips

$30.90 USD
Formally known as Lip Blender. Pearl Lips is a nude-pink pigment to be mixed with other pigments. This color contains a combination of warm and cool tones, as well as white to support organic colorants. Blend with other Micro-Pigments' lip shades to lighten pigment and supports saturation in the lip tissue. *Only to be used as a blender, never tattooed into the lips on its own.
Shake extremely well before dispensing. All Micro-Pigments are safety-sealed with a tamper-evidence band and embossed with the M-P stamp of authenticity on the cap. Break the seal and dispense desired amount into a pigment cap. Implant pigment into the skin with a digital or manual needle. Micro-Pigments can be used alone (apart from Micro Dilution), blended with another Micro-Pigment, adjusted using the Hamonizer Collection, or diluted with Micro Dilution. Use Micro Dilution to create the transition of shades and tones and to soften the intensity.
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