PMU Education No Nos
 Due to the lack of legislation, unfortunately there is a plethora of untrained and improperly trained individuals offering substandard work across the beauty industry. These graduates have been mass-produced through fast-track courses that offer convenience over quality education. The integrity of the permanent makeup industry is compromised when financially-driven institutions, trainers, and individuals choose convenience over professionalism.


The most frequent correctional issues in the industry are due to a misuse of pigments through a lack of understanding when it comes to color management. For example, when you implant dark brown pigment with cool undertones into a cool skin tone it will heal entirely differently than implanting the exact same color into a warm skin tone. While there are no absolutes in the results, a properly trained permanent makeup artist will have a thorough understanding of color theory to better predict how a pigment is going to look once healed into the skin.



Our courses at MicroPigmentation Centre have been at the top tier of permanent makeup educators for over 30 years! We take immense pride in this fact, and we continue to update our methods to incorporate the newest techniques, products and trends in the beauty industry.


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Written by Pat Gauthier