6 Days: Fundamental Brows -$4,075

$4075.00 DEPOSIT: $485.00 USD
6-Days 9AM-5PM In-Person Beginner

A comprehensive fundamental program dedicated solely to eyebrows using both microblading and digital machines. Learn all the strokes, shades and patterns available for both devices. Master the tools, methods and brow styles of both Microblading and Micro-Pigmentation to create one of the most popular and profitable permanent makeup trends in the beauty industry. Curriculum includes color theory directly from a pigment manufacturer, sterilization practices, anesthetic application, equipment and product education, brow shaping, symmetry and patterning, client management, color consultation, starting your business, certification and extensive hands-on practice with live models. Graduates leave confident in industry knowledge, as well as proficient in both types of equipment and tools.

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