How to Stay Connected to Your Clients!
How are you all doing?

Above all we hope you are in good health, both in body and in mind.
We have found ourselves in some very interesting times, haven’t we?

Times that are testing our patience.
Testing our finances.
Testing our health.
Testing our values.
Testing our creativity.

It all just feels like one big test.
As we enter our fourth week in quarantine, a lot of business owners are wondering:
What is the best way for me to communicate with my clients and customers, in a time of so much uncertainty, fear, and doubt?

It can be very challenging to navigate the new online etiquette that is developing these past few weeks. We are in a learning curve, trying to understand what is considered appropriate, and what is considered distasteful.

Here are some things that we have seen recently that have inspired us on how we can stay connected with our customers while in isolation:
Uplift Others

As business owners and industry leaders, it’s important for us to lead with content that aims to connect, inspire and reflect.
This is not business as usual.
People need to be uplifted, and they need it constantly.
More than ever we need positive content rolling out there.
Positive stories, positive news, positive ideas.
Things that will help ease people’s minds from the stress of adjusting to these new realities we are all dealing with.
There is not much strategy we can provide with this beyond: Be real, and be yourself, and chances are this will resonate with your audience, because we are experiencing the same emotions right now.
If you see something that inspires you, something that makes you smile, something that makes you forget the world around you for a moment, share it!
Chances are that it might make someone else smile too.

 A Sense of Community

This is a time for business owners to ask how they can be there for their customers, and not how their customers can bring them more sales. Seek ways to understand what your customers are going through and how you might be able to help them.
As we mentioned, people are also dealing with a lot of new stresses, and things they have never experienced before. And sometimes we just need to talk.
Jump on an Instagram live and share your thoughts. Not about your business or what you do, but about what’s going on, and how you’re feeling. You never know what the person on the other side watching your is going through. You can really be there for someone else who may feel alone and have no one they can talk to. That in itself is a huge reward.
Honestly, Have Fun
Lately, we are seeing a lot of people sharing online activities, such as posts that ask to fill out things you like: your favourite food, movies, hobbies etc. We’re also seeing lots of “this-or-that” posts that allow people to engage interact, tag othes and share.
We could all use a little fun, especially being indoors all day. If you find something that you had fun doing, consider sharing it with your customers. They might need the comedic relief or brain break themselves!
For many women who are used to getting their weekly treatments and services, they are now trying to navigate how to stay on top of their beauty regimen on their own. This is where you can step in with your experience as an educator and be there for them, so that they are taking care of themselves the best way possible.
It can be little things like “How to Nail the Perfect Wing Tip Liner” or “Skincare Musts- Product Recommendations to keep your skin in tip top shape”
As a professional people trust your opinion, and they need it now more than ever.


 Promotions for Frontline Professionals & Loyal Customers
Is there a way that you can extend yourself to people who are going above and beyond for the health and safety of others?
A lot of leading businesses are offering special promotions and discounts for essential services workers, both in the medical field and beyond. A special coupon code would be greatly appreciated by those who are doing all they can to stabilize the situation and flatten the curve.
The bottom line here is that this it’s a time to give, more than a time to receive. That can also include others in your community who may not be working the frontlines. Consider if you’re in a position to offer discounts and incentives at large. Don’t worry too much about the dip in sales, we are all feeling it, and people are not in the best situation to buy right now. Showing off new products and “must-haves” in a time where so many people’s income have been affected may come off as insensitive. We need a sense of humanity, a sense of genuine care, and a lot kindness right now.
What goes around comes around. If you can be there for others without any immediate reward for you, it will come back to you in a great way. This is what we are choosing to believe.
Sending out love,
The Micro Team
Written by Pat Gauthier